No one wants to think about the unpleasant stuff that lives deep down in the carpets you walk barefoot on, play with your kids on, or do yoga on. But now that you’ve thought of it, and you know it’s there, you want to get rid of it and fast and it is tempting to rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself. But beware.  It seems inexpensive, but there are a few reasons to consider professional carpet cleaning rather than trying to clean them yourself.

Protect Your Carpet Warranty & Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Your carpets, rugs, and furniture will last longer if they are professionally cleaned by experienced professionals. Your vacuum just can’t get all the abrasive dry soil that eventually scratches and degrades your carpet’s fibers. That’s a key reason carpet manufacturers require professional carpet cleaning as part of their warranty and for ongoing care. Many even specify the hot water extraction system that Brothers Cleaning uses for the greatest soil removal.

Damage to Your Carpet

Often the results of DIY carpet cleaning are fiber damage, yellowing, severe re-soiling, over-wetting and overuse of harsh soaps that leave a sticky residue and trap even more filth. That’s why carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning to avoid these troubles.

Where Has that Machine Been?

You have to ask yourself where that machine has been and who used it last…and if it’s been cleaned before you brought it into your home.

You Have Better Things to Do!

You have better things to do with your weekend than to rent a “do-it-yourself” carpet cleaner. Our goal is to make you a happy, long-time customer—90%  of our customers are repeat customers or referrals!