“Similar to oral health, where a six-month dental cleaning is just as important as brushing daily, facilities need both routine cleaning and an on-going maintenance program. Deep-cleaning services should be prioritized, as they can prolong the life of your facility and ultimately save you money. In order to budget wisely, try to prioritize the services essential to every facility, such as carpet cleaning and floor finishing”.

(From Developing Your Annual Maintenance Program by Jeff Goodnough)

How Cleaning Impacts Your Bottom Line

For facility Managers faced with limited budgets for cleaning and maintenance, regular deep-cleaning services should be a priority. They will extend the life of your facility and ultimately pay for themselves. (Check out this brief video on how investing in cleaning can reap big savings and impact your bottom line.)

Cleaning and Maintenance Management recommends that 20 to 25 percent of your cleaning budget go toward deep-cleaning and “non-janitorial” services (carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, windows, parking lots, exterior façade, etc). There are numerous benefits to a robust cleaning program beyond daily janitorial cleaning:

  • A clean facility impacts your reputation as well as employee morale.
  • A clean facility means a healthier environment significantly fewer sick days, saving your organization money in reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
  • Regular cleaning maintenance programs will save you money by greatly extending the life of your carpets and floors.

How to Budget for Commercial Cleaning Services

Even with the tightest of budgets, your annual cleaning program should include at minimum these three key elements:

  1. Regular carpet deep cleaning caring
  2. Regular hard floors care (buffing, stripping, waxing)
  3. Deep-cleaning and disinfection of restrooms.

These will have the greatest impact on health and prolonging the life of your facility. For instance, regular carpet cleaning may triple the life of your carpet. Additionally, carpets serve as your facility’s largest air filter, trapping indoor air pollutants and affecting the air quality in your facility.

Having a deep cleaning program for these critical items, planned month by month, will help you prioritize your cleaning needs and still budget for unexpected maintenance expenses. Additional items, such as windows or pressure washing exterior sidewalks, should be included when budgets allow. Brothers Cleaning would be happy to consult with you to develop a plan that meets your needs and budget. By adhering to an annual maintenance plan and bundling services, you can realize significant savings.

Annual cleaning plan for carpets, floors, and deep cleaning

How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

Choose a commercial cleaning service who can provide a full range of services beyond daily janitorial services. This will enable you to save by bundling services.

Brothers Cleaning is proud to offer a complete suite of commercial cleaning services to keep the exterior and interior of your facility clean, safe, and healthy, including:

  • Janitorial and day porter services
  • Interior/exterior window cleaning
  • Carpets cleaning and hard floor care
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Pressure washing
  • COVID disinfection


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