Before you rent a carpet-cleaning machine to attempt to clean the carpets at your workplace, take a few moments to read this article. We think you’ll agree that hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company is a wise option. We know that keeping your bottom line in check is important to you, so we’re happy to tell you that letting the carpet pros take care of cleaning your carpets will save you money while also rewarding you with a host of other exciting benefits. Let’s focus on six of the significant perks that come with using a commercial carpet cleaning company.

1. Create a Welcoming Environment

Beautifully maintained carpets create an inviting atmosphere that tells your potential customers you are a respectable business that cares about details. Keep in mind that you never get another chance to make a fabulous first impression, and nothing tells customers to go away quicker than the presence of filthy carpets.

2. Protect Your Investment

Let’s be honest: high-quality carpeting isn’t cheap, and no one wants to have to replace it too soon due to excessive wear and tear. Experts say that one of the surest ways to protect your flooring investment is to hire a professional cleaner who knows how to properly care for your carpets so they’ll look amazing throughout their lifetime.

Along with ensuring long-term carpet performance, many carpet manufacturers require proof-of-routine maintenance before they honor a warranty. Being able to show you’ve hired a professional service makes it much easier to exercise the warranty if there is a problem with the carpet.

3. Promote a Healthier Environment

Did you know that dirty carpets are terrible for your health? Indeed, carpets and area rugs have a nasty tendency to hide such things as:

  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Particle pollution
  • Dirt that can contribute to breathing difficulties and allergies.

Regular deep cleaning is critical if you want to promote a healthier indoor environment for your employees and customers. Commercial carpet cleaning, such as that performed by us at Brothers Cleaning, is far more effective than any handheld rental cleaner, since we utilize the power of a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system to effectively and beautifully maintain your carpet floors.

By the way, we value indoor air quality so much that we take extra care to make sure all our carpet cleaning solutions meet the highest standards of environmental quality. So you can relax knowing your indoor spaces are free from unnecessary and sometimes dangerous chemicals.

benefits of commercial carpet cleaning

4. Reduce Sick Staff Absences

Experts say that something as simple as routine carpet care can dramatically improve your employee absentee rate. Cleanlink notes that community-spread viruses, and the poor indoor air quality caused by things like mold, result in a considerable number of employee sick days each year. Adequate commercial cleaning is the key to cutting down the number of days your staff are stuck at home instead of at work.

5. Professionals Clean During Your Downtime

Forget about paying your employee overtime to clean the carpets so no one has to walk around on damp carpets during the regular workday. A major perk to hiring a professional to clean your carpets is that a commercial service does the work during your downtime so your business can continue the next day uninterrupted by the presence of wet carpets. What’s more, a full-service cleaning company like Brothers Cleaning can speed up the drying process through the use of turbo dryers that will completely dry the floors before your day begins.

6. Expert Stain Removal

Muddy shoes… Mustard from a dropped sandwich… No matter how gently you treat your floor coverings, stains are a fact of life. Many people find removing the stains a frustrating and often unsuccessful exercise due to a lack of cleaning knowledge and the right equipment. Don’t despair if your office carpets are a battered mess; a thorough professional cleaning can go a long way towards reviving them, and experienced cleaning technicians know how to handle all kinds of stains.

Save Money

As you can see from our six benefits of commercial carpet cleaning, it’s a smart idea to hire us for routine carpet care. Along with maintaining the beauty of your floors and safeguarding the health of everyone in the building, regular cleaning saves you money. Here are two of the primary reasons that investing in commercial service is so cost-effective:

  • Carpets last longer
  • Fewer employee sick days

Don’t forget that by contracting out your cleaning needs, you can focus on growing your business. With the benefit of beautifully clean carpets, you can welcome people into your work without worrying that they’ll take one look at the carpeting and assume you’re struggling to pay the bills.

Additional Steps

Along with scheduling routine carpet maintenance, there are several steps you can take to keep your carpets in good repair. The Carpet and Rug Institute advises carpet owners to:

  • Vacuum often.
  • Clean up spills quickly with a carpet safe spot cleaner.
  • Put mats at the doorways to reduce the amount of dirt and debris tracked indoors.

Indeed, with a little bit of effort, your carpets will look presentable in between professional cleanings.

Brothers Cleaning knows commercial carpet cleaning, and we’ll provide you with a maintenance plan that fits your needs and budget. Contact us today for details on our complete line of commercial cleaning services.